PrePay electric service is now available to EMEPA members.

When enrolled in PrePay, you pay a certain amount up-front, and a text or email alert lets you know when you’re almost “out” of electricity. If you don’t make another payment—over the phone, online or at one of EMEPA’s convenient payment kiosks—electric service automatically gets shut off when the account runs dry. Likewise, if you run out of electricity and are disconnected, the remote setup lets hookups occur in a matter of minutes when payment is finally made.

Members using the pre-pay service will receive daily updates detailing the amount of electricity used and current account balance for that day. Additionally, you can use EMEPA’s free smartphone app or visit to check daily electricity use and manage alerts and reminders, among other things.

Prepaying can offer a good solution for members who move around a lot, own rental properties, are in college or the military, or are facing financial difficulties. For starters, it eliminates the need for deposits, late fees and disconnect and reconnect fees.

In addition, industry studies show that members who participate in prepaid metering plans use as much as 10 percent less electricity than members on traditional billing arrangement because they’re more aware of how much power they’re consuming.

Prepaying can also help you plan more accurate monthly budgets and make smaller, incremental payments. For example, if you only have $10 to put gas in your car, you pay $10. The same goes for prepaid electricity.

Contact your local EMEPA office to learn more or get started on our new prepaid metering program.