New Home Checklist

Complete the checklist below to help us provide you the most prompt service.

  • $5.00 Membership Fee
  • $35.00 Connect Fee
  • Deposit: Based on credit history verification
  • E911 Address Assignment form @ 2525 B 14th St.
  • Lauderdale County application and development permit obtained @ 2525 B 14th St.
  • Social Security Number
  • Nearest Neighbor
  • Do you want an outdoor light?
  • Is your stove electric or gas?
  • Is your water heater electric or gas?
  • What is the capacity of your central unit (in tons)?
  • What is the capacity of your heat pump (in tons)?
  • Is your central heat electric or gas?
  • If electric, what is the KW rating?
  • What water association are you served by?
  • Do you use a window unit air conditioner?
  • If so, what is the capacity in BTUs?
  • What is the square footage of your heated and cooled areas of your home?
  • Have you signed the Right-of-Way easement?

Please contact EMEPA when the lot is graded for house site. Temporary pole must be close to where permanent meter will be on the home.

Complete this questionnaire and return to EMEPA. Allow 5-10 working days for power connection to your home. If a “Highway Crossing from MDOT” is required, allow an additional 14 days.