EMEPA warns of third-party payment website

WARNING: EMEPA has recently experienced an increase in third-party online bill pay websites that appear to be affiliated with EMEPA, but are not. Such third-party websites allow members to pay their electric bills via their site; however, members may be charged extra fees, and EMEPA cannot control when, or even if, we will receive the member payments, possibly resulting in a late payment from the member or even disconnection due to non-payment. To make sure you’re visiting our website and paying EMEPA directly, type in the web address, emepa.com, and use the online bill payment portal located on our website or download our free smartphone app. EMEPA does not charge additional fees for payments through our website, smartphone app or kiosks.
*Caution* If you try to find EMEPA through a Google search, the link could lead to such unofficial sites – the only way you can be sure you are going to our legitimate website is to type its address into your browser and visit our website directly.

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