By Randy Carroll, CEO

As the New Year begins, it always comes up. What are your resolutions for the coming year? I was amused this year to see Dean Winters as Allstate Insurance’s Mr. Mayhem declaring his New Year’s Resolution of no more mayhem during the college football game commercials. A tagline would always show up stating, resolutions are made to be broken. I am anxiously awaiting how Mr. Mayhem breaks his resolution and whether it will be during the college championship or the Super Bowl game. By the time you read this article in print, we will know.

Resolutions are typically intended to inspire change and set expectations. Some of the most common are spending more time with family, eating better and getting more exercise. They involve better relationships with those around us, improving our health and helping others that may not be as fortunate. I’d expect most people that state these as their resolutions are already focused on relationships, health and helping others. They just want to get even better at it.

EMEPA is no different. As we saw from our satisfaction survey in 2017, ninety percent of our members feel we do an outstanding job greeting members on the phone and at our offices. We are quick to supply new service and restore interrupted service when storms come. We are diligent in maintaining our 5,700 miles of power lines, changing poles and other equipment and cutting right-of-way on a schedule that maintains your standard of service.

So, should EMEPA make New Year’s Resolutions and if so what resolutions should we make? Much like individuals that are already concentrating on relationships, health and helping others, EMEPA can focus our New Year’s Resolutions on what we already do well, as well as look for additional things that help our members. So, here are just a few that come to mind.

Resolved, EMEPA will continue to provide the customer service our members deserve and expect. We will greet members with a smile and a friendly hello. Our desire will be to determine how we can best help you.

Resolved, EMEPA will continue to maintain a highly trained and efficient workforce capable of responding to daily service needs as well as challenges that nature brings our way. Our work is very specialized and requires years of training to become proficient. Many of the training programs are tailor-made for our employees and require constant update and evaluation.

Resolved, EMEPA will continue to build on the relationships that we have nurtured through the years with our local, state and national legislators. It is imperative that they understand the impact their decisions have on our members.

Resolved, EMEPA will continue to work with economic development agencies to bring quality jobs to our region. We want to see our communities thrive and grow. We intend to work closely with our existing commercial accounts to ensure they are successful.

Resolved, EMEPA will continue to be a financially disciplined organization that remains healthy for years to come. We will do the right things at the right times to ensure we continue to deliver the energy that empowers our member’s lives.

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