Member engagement saved the co-op

East Mississippi Electric Power Association is a member-owned, member-governed cooperative. When the co-op was founded back in 1938, members of the community knew that we were a locally owned business – likely because they or someone they knew played a part in helping found the cooperative. Over time as the novelty of receiving electricity waned, the founders passed on and new people moved into the community, viewing the electric co-op like any other energy provider.

But we are different and the key to that difference is you, the member-owner of our cooperative. Without your support and commitment, we would not exist. For many years, people had no choice in the company that provided them with the electricity they so greatly depended upon, but today, the electric utility industry is changing.

Research proves that when people own something they treat it differently, which is why we encourage EMEPA members to act as an owner rather than a customer. As an owner, you play a critical role in our success. Each year, if our revenue exceeds our expenses (which is always our goal), a certain percentage is allocated back to you – because you are a member of the co-op.

With that ownership comes certain rights like the opportunity to participate in the annual elections. EMEPA’s 79th annual meeting is set for Saturday, Oct. 7, and we encourage your participation through either attending the meeting or returning the proxy card you will receive in the mail later this month.

We welcome your feedback as we continually look for innovative ways to help you use energy efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner. Through our new prepay service, you can better track your daily energy use and pay forward to fit your budget and schedule. Additionally, we have resources through and our free smartphone app to help you manage your energy use and discover ways to save. There are a number of convenient 24/7 payment options available as well, such as online, smartphone app, payment kiosks at each branch office and automatic bank draft.

As a local business, we have a real stake in the community, just as you do. That is why we seek opportunities to engage with local organizations like our communities volunteer fire departments, Relay For Life among others.

While electric power is the commodity that your co-op delivers, the real power is that together, we empower this local community. When people feel empowered they accomplish great things.

True, the world is different today than it was in 1938 when EMEPA was founded, but our mission of serving you and our community is constant. Working together with your active, inspired engagement, we can continue to accomplish great things.

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